Sports Performance Institute

Sports Performance Institute (SPI) is an LLC vying for a position as the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes. We will conduct scientific research and development of performance methodologies so that athletes will prevent injures, increase stamina and have the strength to move to the next level of play. We will conduct research simulate to what you have seen on TV with the training of Olympic style athletes however we are bringing that science to the high school and college level.

Sensory Performance Training

Sensory Performance Training

Assessment is the first step in improving an athlete’s performance. SPT is a system of state-of-the-art technologies, products and programs designed to assess, and improve visual and sensory performance for the modern athlete.

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Sports Psychology

This science focuses on the psychological factors surrounding athletes and how those factors affect performance. The benefits to understand the psyche of an athlete is endless; allowing for improved team building, communication, injury avoidance and rehabilitation.

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Vision Training

Sports Vision Training

Baseball is a sport with a tremendous amount of quantitative batting data being generated from batting averages, slugging percentages, and numbers of hits, walks, strike outs and a host of others. In particular, batting is an activity that has rigorous demands for eye-hand coordination requiring concentration and good visual acuity as well as depth perception.

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