Frequently Asked Questions

It sound great but my son plays other sports. Can he continue to play other sports?

Absolutely! All of are players are athletes and typically play a few sports. We encourage them to play other sports during the winter and or fall. They still would participate in our practices, games and tournaments when there is not a conflict.

What is the cost?

Parents need to purchase uniforms and split the tournament and league fees. We plan to have extensive fund raising to pay for training and to off set some or all of the tournament fees. Need base Scholarships are available. BV will not turn down any player due to economic situation.

It sounds great but is it to much?

The players can take advantage of as much or as little of the winter training. However what we found is that the players have a lot of fun and typically make most of the winter clinics. During spring and summer the National teams practices and games are all mandatory (with some exceptions). The regional team has more flexibility.