Sensory Performance Training

What is Sensory Performance Training?

Sensory Performance Training is a system of state-of-the-art technologies, products and programs designed to assess, and improve visual and sensory performance for the modern athlete.


Assessment is the first step in improving an athlete’s performance. We will record a baseline of relevant visual and sensory performance skills.


The SPI Sensory Performance Profile compares an athlete’s results to other athletes at their sport, position and skill level in order to illuminate existing strengths, uncover areas of opportunity and provide individualized road map for improvement.


Based on what is discovered through assessment and prescribed through analysis, SPI utilizes multiple tools designed to help an athlete improve:

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe is performance eyewear designed to train sensory and sensory-motor skills. The eyewear flickers between clear and opaque states removing visual information and forcing the athlete to become more efficient with the information given.

This wall-mounted sensory performance-training unit is designed to target improvement in depth perception, near/far quickness, target capture, eye-hand coordination and visual endurance. Each unit contains Brock String, Marsden Ball and Near/Far Charts.