Extreme Velocity Program

A Throwing Program for ALL positions

EVPThis program has been featured on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.  It is a shoulder strengthening program designed to promote shoulder health.  The byproduct of this shoulder health is significant velocity gains.  This is a program that will not only keep you on the field by decreasing injuries, but it will help take your game to the next level through significant velocity increase .

Next Generation Velocity Program came about because of the quest to reduce injuries in baseball players’ shoulders and elbows. We believe as the shoulder becomes healthier and stronger through the National Pitching Asscoiation proprietary protocols, velocities started rising. We have seen a minimum gain of 4mph in our students and as much as 17mph in an 8 week program. This is by far the safest way to increase velocity because the program is all about making the shoulder healthier. The greatest thing about the program is it is FUN; thus the players enjoy doing it and it doesn’t seem like work. Each player will be tested, after the test a personalized program will be written to achieve the maximum results. The player will be retested at the beginning of week 5 to see if the program needs to be adjusted to continue to see the proper results. After completion of the 8 weeks program, a final test will be taken to see the gains achieved. A maintenance portion will be available after the completion of the Velocity program. This maintenance portion will enable the player to maintain a healthy shoulder and can be started at any time during their season.

The program is a year-long program. There is an in-season portion with the purpose of this phase is to keep the shoulder strong and healthy with a small slow increase in velocity, There is an out of season portion which is where strength and velocity is gained while maintaining health in the off season.