Speed, Strength and Agility Training

BV Speed, Strength, Agility and Conditioning Program

SSAStarting the week of July 25th, Eddie Elliott, former running back and wide receiver at West Chester University, will be instructing group sessions.

The program focuses on enhancing skills such as:

– Bat Speed and Explosive Power
– Strength and Conditioning Program
– Strength and Agility
– Arm Strength and Velocity
– Rotational Core Power (Hitting and Throwing) Stability Dynamic Balance Flexibility and Mobility (Baseball and Softball Specific) First Step Quickness (Base Stealing) Total Body Strength (Upper & Lower Body) Agility Core Strength Eye – Hand Coordination Injury Prevention (Rotator Cuff, Elbow and Wrist Tendinitis, Lower Back Our professional Strength and Conditioning and Speed Development Coaches have a proven record of taking players of all ages from beginning levels and enhancing their athleticism and baseball specific strength and power.

Our coaches will use a variety of professional speed and strength tools including medicine balls, TRX, tubing/bands, speed development equipment and weights (as applicable to age and developmental levels), to help our baseball players be the best athletes on the field.

Improvements in core stability, running mechanics and overall speed and strength will transfer to the diamond in terms of hitting, throwing, pitching, fielding and base running.

About Our Program:

Baseball is a sport that involves quick, explosive, and reactive movements. The training program will employ interval strength, proprioception, explosiveness, neuromuscular coordination, speed training, reactive and plyometric drills. A greater emphasis will be placed on speed, agility, quickness, and trunk rotation. Due to the anaerobic nature of baseball the program will focus on sprinting and plyometric exercises under 10 seconds in duration that provide complete recovery.

Throwing and hitting occur in a rotational, or transverse, plane of movement and are explosive in nature. Therefore, baseball players need to train rotationally with light weights and high speed. To allow for the proper transfer of energy, optimal neural recruitment is critical. Therefore, we will ensure that a player’s sequencing is accurate to achieve optimal transfer. Additionally, because power transmission through the kinetic chain is a function of strength and speed, both must be trained adequately to allow for the greatest efficiency.

Pitching, one of the fastest human movements occurs at an angular velocity at the shoulder joint approaching 7,000 degrees per second (almost 20 full circles). Therefore, the shoulder must be trained appropriately to prevent injury. The shoulder should have enough mobility to allow for the adequate external rotation needed to throw at high speeds, as well as for stability and eccentric control due to the rapid deceleration, most associated with injury. Finally, plyometric exercises are critical for the upper body due to the explosive nature of throwing, pitching, and throwing.

Our conditioning trainers will work closely with our coaching staff to ensure you are combining the proper training with skills to reach your peak performance.

We also have a professional quality fitness center where  players  get the assistance they need to establish their fitness program! Personal and group instruction are also available to guide your son or daughter in their efforts to strengthen and condition their body for performance and safety.

Hourly Pricing

Prices are for one-hour training sessions


Semi-Private Group Small Group
2-3 Participants 4-6 Participants
$20 Per Hour $15 Per Hour


Semi-Private Group Small Group
2-3 Participants 4-6 Participants
$40 Per Hour $30 Per Hour