Our Pitching Philosophy

PitchingLesonsThrowing a baseball is one of the fastest human actions in sport. Everything happens in fractions of a second. But with the use of video tape, you can study and analyze the pitching motion in greater detail. This will allow you to see aspects in a pitcher’s delivery that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Coaches need to be able to recognize proper pitching techniques during the various phases of the pitching delivery, to identify faults, and to provide solutions.

This is where videotaping pitchers is a big help.

Not all pitchers have to — or should! — throw the exact same way. We let the pitchers that we work with use their own style, as long as his mechanics don’t limit their effectiveness — and they enable him to repeat his delivery while staying injury-free. Most pitchers who have long and successful careers display the following traits:

1. Good balance
2. Good stability throughout the pitching motion
3. Proper weight transfer
4. Good body and arm alignment to the plate
5. A strong horizontal move
6. A squaring of the shoulders to the plate as the stride leg braces
7. A smooth but explosive and consistent arm action
8. A long, smooth arc of deceleration (follow through) down the outside of the stride leg

Personalized pitching instruction from a  professional pitching coach can give your son the ability to take his game to the next level.  Help him identify the flaws in his mechanics that hold him back.  Help him maximize the velocity of his fastball.  Help him learn the correct way to throw a curveball without hurting his arm.

All pitching lessons are designed to be age and skill level specific.  In other words, your child will be taught skills they can understand.  However, each child will be pushed to learn new concepts.

As you are mastering your pitching mechanics you need to learn how to pitch !! This can be done during a game or with our Game Ready Simulators.

Game Ready!® Softball and Baseball Pitching System

During a game 90% of the defensive activity occurs between 2 positions, the Pitcher and Catcher.   It is critical for these two players to do well for the team to succeed. Pitching is the one dominant position on the field and dominance can be achieved by excelling in these four critical areas for pitching success.  Location, change of speed, movement, velocity.
Pitching well at any level is difficult and doing it at a high level for a career can be almost impossible.  It takes so many things to go right mentally, with mechanics and the competitive situation itself.

To be a top pitcher you have to build good habits and practice as if it is a game situation.

Game Ready! Pitching leagues will allow pitchers to pitch a full game against one another. The simulator determines effectiveness of the pitch and issues hits or outs based on all factors.  Score is posted for each inning, creating a realistic pitching experience.  Balls / strikes and pitching velocity for each pitch over the entire game is tracked and provided to the player in graph form at the end of the game. This provides instant feedback on their performance and endurance over many innings.